Teaching Students to Play is SO Much More Than Turning Pages in a Method Book...
As the great Frances Clark was known to say, The Teacher is the Method.  
And yet – our method books contain valuable material that keeps us from needlessly “reinventing the wheel”

The question I hear often is this:  
How can I create a lesson experience that is personalized to the student in front of me – led by my own unique vision and skillsets – while still reaping the benefits of my chosen series?

What follows in this First Steps Guide is my advice for balancing the best of both worlds. The Following is a Preview from the First Steps Guide:
Christina Whitlock, M.M., N.C.T.M.

  • I've been in the studio music teaching profession for twenty-eight years and counting
  • I began my career knowing nothing about teaching. Then I completed two music degrees and thought I knew *everything* about teaching.  Now I'm happy to have settled somewhere in the middle.
  • My favorite topics (obsessions) are student-teacher relationships, nurturing lifelong appreciation for music, piano repertoire, and questioning how educational norms clash with how we actually learn.
  • I've declared myself a Friend To the Profession; offering a weekly podcast focused on providing solidarity as your Anytime Piano Teacher Friend.

What's Included in this Guide?

  • A 25-minute Video Introduction, offering insights taken from Christina's popular conference presentation, The Teacher as the Method:  Rely Less on Books and More on Individual Expertise.
  • A 12-page Guide to understanding how to make your method work for you, not vice versa.
  • Next-Steps and Follow-Up Resources

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